Beautiful Sunrise

Story of The Beautiful Sunrise

The Beautiful Sunrise is about angelic young woman, who was born with the gift of sight and lived during the ancient battle of the Welsh bards (It is said “The green sea-brine of Teifi thickened. The Blood of warriors and the waves of ocean swelled its tide. The red-stained sea-mew screamed with joy, as it floated on a sea of gore)The young woman survived but her love that fought in the battle disappeared beneath the waters. One day, the young woman went down to the river’s edge to look beneath the bloody waters, she called out to her love, with her infant in arms, praying that he would return but a shape appeared in the bloody waters and for a moment, she thought it was her love returning but to her horror; a dark cloaked spirit with two heads rose up from the blooded water and cursed her to hell. The dark spirit tried to draw the purity from her soul, so that it could be reborn from the bloodshed and rule the land but suddenly a thousand Angels swooped down to protect the young woman, as she held a golden cross up to her lips it had been given to her by a monk who lived in the monastery of St Dogmaels, he gave it for protection, as her sight brought unwanted visions with it.

Very quickly, the dark spirits second head’s jaws swept her infant child from her arms, took him to a cold place and then bought his broken body back, to lay beneath the soil. As the young woman held her dead infant, she saw a sparkle in his eye and thought his heart was coming back to life but the dark spirit wanted to break her spirit and compound her pure Angel heart in stone because it could not possess her. The young woman lay on the fresh soil of her infants grave, in a heavy downpour of rain, physically dying from what felt like a sword that had been suddenly thrust into her heart, she knelt before the ewe trees Surrounding her infants fresh grave, crying out in anger, with blooded fingers, after pushing them beneath the soil with brutal force, pleading for a miracle, wanting be saved from the dark spirit and saw her own death, as a release, she had lost her love and infant child.

The young woman fell unconscious and was picked up by a woodland goddess, who had heard her cry; the woodland goddess took her weak drenched body that was covered in soil into The Dam woods, faraway to live under her protection and in peace amongst the beauty and magic of the trees with the fairies. One evening as the young women lay beneath the sacred oak, feeling the strength of its branches wrapped around her body, bathing in the beauty of the moonlight, she looked up at the stars in wonder, questioning the universe about her loss and suffering.

Suddenly she heard a young man’s voice call out to her from a sea like mist which lingered over the woodland stream. The young woman was too afraid to go near the water, the young man called out again, i have to leave, please come closer, you are safe, his voice was not of her own language but started to speak to her soul with warmth and healing. As The young man spoke, he broke through the stone and connected with her Angel Heart. The young man talked of a battlefield, she could see a flag waving in the water amongst his story of bloodshed, death and suffering. He understood darkness and being at the mercy of death, he understood Isolation, protection and Bore the scars; he was alone, wounded and of the ocean, the young man believed in Angels and the Beautiful Breath of life. The young woman was his Angel and put the sparkle back in his eye, it was her power that bought his heart back to life, the very sparkle that she saw in the eye of her infant child during death, as she tried to revive him with her breath. The young man bared his soul and she would keep him safe on another plane and on far off distant shores, they vowed not to lose sight of each other’s souls, they were mates and they would enter one another’s dreams back to back, on guard, through darkness with loyalty, vowing not to let anyone or anything break them. The young woman had come home at last and he would keep her safe through the storm.

The young man was in South Africa and would kiss the image he held of her beauty, every night before he Slept and told her of his love for her. The young woman would sit with him, holding on to his hand; kiss his brow, keeping him safe, so that he was not alone, every night until sunrise, sensing any danger. His Angel went without sleep to tend to his wounds and playfully capture the child within him, so they could escape the reality of the war and the bloodshed they had suffered.
The young woman was in love with him and wanted to show the young man his beautiful heart beneath the force that entrapped him. One morning, she awoke to a Beautiful South African sunrise, that he had sent her, which was to imprint on her dreams for an eternity. Then one evening, the young woman started to have visions, she saw the young man bound by a Star that beckoned him every waking moment to move further and further away from her, his promises started to fail her. She saw a Saxon haired evil witch seek revenge on him, using his dreams; the witch spread them across the land for all to see, the young woman had tried to save him, showing him a vision of his story with a baby born of their energy, she no longer started to feel safe and was saddened because she could not reach him and he trusted the witch and denounced her. The young woman feared for him and bravely stood at the streams edge to look into the water, she called out to him and heard a cold cruel answer; the young man denied any existence of the young woman in his heart and life, then the evil witch reflected its ugliness into the stream.

The Goddess became outraged at this; the young woman’s heart was pure and had suffered enough, she was angry and took a sword to cut into everything the young man stood for and carved out the memory of the young woman in his heart, into the sacred oak tree to last for an eternity. The young woman fell to her knees, her heart started to bleed into the stream, not a sound was heard in the forest, which then fell into winter. The stream became red as the young woman lay on its bank, her heart bleeding into it. She was a prisoner of war, facing a wall, waiting for a firing squad and the dark spirit to finish its revenge on her. The young man had fooled her and he was to carry her to her death, he would not save her his vision of her became distorted and she was the enemy, in his loneliness.

Then one day the young woman noticed a bud growing where she lay, pressed against her heart, it had been concealed amongst the darkness and the blooded stream. The young woman watched as it grew by her and a beautiful vivid red poppy appeared; its petals withheld the strong winds, storms and heaviness of the rain and did not fail her. The young woman began to smell an odour which came off the poppy, sending her into a trance and started to send her broken,mind,body and heart, that had drained into the stream, into a very deep deep sleep.

The young woman, heard bells ringing and dreamt of the young man, only remembering the beauty they shared together. The young woman started to feel movement and warmth across her body, she awoke to a Beautiful sunrise, which took her back to South Africa….She put her arms around this beautiful creation, with the warmth of the sun, its rays and the magnificent colour against her body. Her beautiful heart shone from beneath, her cheeks were aglow setting the glorious poppy ablaze, for the young man to see and feel the vision of a love that never fails and to see The Beautiful Sunrise a child born of them.

This flower bends in the wind but does not break This flowers colours may be kept in the shade but do not fade This flowers scent lives on forever in the path that is pure This flower stands the test of time This flower is not for the picking of mankind This flower is eternal This flowers love carries like pollen Listen to the bells ringing the heart beating With every breathe of life Our love never dies.

Story written, by © Georgia Louise 2014 based on a real life story. The painting holds a hidden message (Its location is held by a key holder)