About The Artist

” Described in the media as one of Wales leading wildlife Artists”

Georgia Louise is a self taught Artist” whose work is detailed and provokes curiosity, it is purpose filled with definite depth and awe inspiring colour.

Georgia Louise brings her subjects to life and shows the true depth of character. Georgia believes in getting to know her subjects and spending time studying them. There is a story behind every piece of work that she does; hidden Messages and codes are buried within the detail of her imaginative story work, with the dream of leaving her legacy for future generations to De-code, inspired by the story of Jesus.

Georgia was chosen from hundreds of businesses to exhibit at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham by the Princes ‘Trust twice and to meet Prince Charles, who greatly admired her work. Balmoral have also shown a Great interest in Georgia’s work (With respect to Captain Roger Wilson MVO) Georgia Louise has appeared in the BBC wildlife Magazine, Countryside Magazine, featured and followed by the welsh media gaining Recognition and also acclaim from an international known newspaper and an international publication in the printing press. Georgia’s work is across the UK Wales, and appeared at America’s Walt Disney World. Georgia has also supported many charities and teaches.

Georgia’s work ranges From Endangered wildlife,local wildlife,birds of prey,animal portraits,Country, Heritage, Castles,Equestrian and sport. Fantasy, Storytelling. Historical recordings of war inspired by The British war Artists and fallen heroic War Animals. Georgia also paints biblical stories and uses them in her stories.

Georgia Louise is working on projects that will be released on her website soon, Rhinos and walking in Faith. The Crucifixion on a 5 ft canvas.

Georgia Louise is in full support of The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William on his plight to Save Rhinos from extinction and the barbaric criminal acts that gods creatures suffer. Prince William is a lovely, thoughtful man with the heart of his mother and wants to make changes in this world,beyond his title but he cannot do it without our help. Please give our future King your full support, as you matter in the grand scale of life and its our children and future generations that will be affected by such loss.

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